Monday, October 10, 2011

My New Favorite Number


My first beta at 15DPO was 514 today!  I am in awe of that number.  I know the doubling time is what matters most, but I'm loving that 514 is our starting point.  I go back in on Wednesday morning to see how it's doubling.  If all goes well I will be having my first ultrasound next Thursday on the 20th!


  1. pretty pretty number!!! yay!!! wishing you a wonderful wednesday appointment! can't wait to hear how it goes!!!
    melissa, i'm so thrilled for you!
    take it easy and let andy pamper you ;)
    maria <3

  2. 514 is a fantastic starting point!!! So excited for you! I had to check and my last (and successful) pregnancy my beta was only 52 at 16dpo!!! Wow! Any chance you have more than one cooking?