Our Timeline

5/31/05 - We officially began dating.
4/4/07 - Andy proposed on his birthday.
9/22/07 - We got married!
9/27/09 - We closed on our house.
8/1/10 - No more birth control, officially TTC.
12/31/10 - Found out we were pregnant!  EDD 9/10/11
1/12/11 - Miscarried at approximately 6 weeks.
7/25/11 - Began testing to find out why we haven't been able to conceive again.
8/10/11 - First appointment with our RE.  Tentatively diagnosed with ovulation and luteal phase defects.
8/26/11 -Low antral follicle count paired with elevated FSH and decreased AMH lead to diagnosis of early diminished ovarian reserve (DOR).  LP defect confirmed.  Began BCPs.
9/2/11 - Exploratory laproscope and HSG revealed mild endometriosis on outside of uterus and two cysts on right ovary.  Endo and one cyst removed, the other cyst was popped and drained.
9/10/11 - Start of first medicated cycle.  Five days of Femara, eight days of Gonal-F injections, Orvidrel trigger shot, TI, and prometrium suppositories.  Yikes!
10/6/11 - BFP!
10/10/11, 10/12/11 & 10/20/11 Betas look great!
10/20/11 Ultrasound shows TWINS!
10/26/11 Ultrasound showed two absolutely beautiful heartbeats
11/17/11 Graduated from the RE!