Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Ultrasound (x2!)

I was honestly terrified for today.  I tend to do a good job at staying positive and hopeful 97% of the time, until I'm tired and heading to bed.  Andy has witnessed numerous tears sessions beginning while I'm laying in bed, before we pray.  There is something about that time where doubt and worry overtakes me.  I've been so scared to have another loss.  But today ended up alleviating a lot of that worry!  I know it's still possible but I'm choosing to focus on the good.

Our appointment was at 3:45pm but of course he was running more than an hour behind.  When we were let into the room at a little past 5pm I was so ready to hear the bad news and be done with it.  But then he said, "there is baby A...and there is baby B"!  I instantly started to cry happy tears.  I am so amazed that God has chosen to bless us with not one but TWO healthy babies!  We're still incredibly early but our RE was very optimistic and his attitude was contagious.

The RE was using technical terms like "gestational sac" and "fetal pole", which I'm well versed in but Andy isn't.  After about three minutes Andy leaned forward in his chair and said, "So...there are two of them?".  I started cracking up!  All my fears just released right then and there.  I was laughing so hard and the RE was trying to take a good picture of our kiddos but I couldn't stop!

Squee!!!  Look at our little munchkins!  Okay okay, I know they don't look like much yet.  Andy says he thinks the two of them along with the rest of my uterus kind of looks like an owl's face?  Whatever, I think they're the two most adorable blobs in the world.  They were measuring right on track!  No heartbeats yet, but we weren't expecting any since I'm only 5w5d.  We go back on wednesday to see them again and hopefully see the heartbeats!

Tonight I am beyond excited and happy.  I'm even content.  I said in a previous post that I have really felt led on this journey; the way a spot opened up with my new OB, the way she was thorough in testing, how the RE had an opening right away, my surgery, even the timing of our Vegas trip!  It has all lead us to this point and hopefully to our take home babies in June (or May, since it's TWINS!).


  1. MELISSA!!!!!! ahhhh twins!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! so happy for you and andy! i cracked up when you said andy thought your uterus looked like an owl's face. LOL
    awww you are so blessed!! i know it isn't fun at all waiting for that u/s and what it will show...i'm SO GLAD you got the most beautiful amazing surprise after it all!! you have been in my prayers each day and night...and will continue to be!!
    enjoy this wonderful news and have a great weekend!!
    maria <3

  2. Double the congrats! Wishing you a healthy safe pregnancy!

  3. Oh my goodness, twins!! I'm so, so excited for you! I can't wait to hear about another wonderful app next week. Squee!!

  4. Aaah yeaaah! I am so excited for you two!

  5. Congrats!! What a beautiful u/s! H&H 9 months to you!

  6. Congratulations on your twins!!!